Plenary Session
Room: Sorbonne 2
chair: Maarten Honing (DSM Resolve)

8.30  PL3 - Microfluidics in biotherapeutic development: enhancing throughput and allowing for heightened characterization
Nathan Lacher (Pfizer)
9.15 Session Close
  Oral Session
  Microfluidic Separations & Lab-on-a-Chip Session
Room: Oxford 16 
9.25 Introduction  by the session chair
Jörg Kutter (University of Copenhagen)
9.30 KN1 - One- and two-dimensional chip-HPLC coupled to MS
Detlev Belder (University of Leipzig)
10.00  OR1 - Microfluidic sample preparation combined with ultrasensitive nanoLC-MS for deepfd proteome analysis of 10–140 cells, 
Ryan Kelly (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
10.20  OR2 - MicroTAS for IMAC preconcentration, separation and detection offd phosphorylated biomarkers
Myriam Taverna (Université Paris-Sud)
10.40  Coffee Break in Asamblea and Alegria I&II
11.00   OR3 - Low-cost environmental diagnostics enabled by novel hybrid fd microsystems,
Vincent Remcho (Oregon State University)
11.20  OR4 - Orthogonal charge- and size-based separations of polymer microparticlesfd in non-uniform microfluidic channels, 
Sergio Fernandez-Posa (University of Groningen)
11.40  OR5 - Magnetic bead-based immunoassays coupled with isoelectric focusinghyp of Aß peptides: towards microfluidic droplet manipulation, 
Thanh Duc Mai (Institute Galien Paris-Sud) YS
12.00 Session close
12.15 Science Café Lunch
Room: Sorbonne 2
Presented by Sciex
13.15 Science Café close
13.30 Poster Pitches
Room: Sorbonne 2 
Chair: Peter Schoenmakers (University of Amsterdam)
14.00 Poster Session 1
Room: Asamblea and Alegria I&II
15.15 Poster Session close 
  Microcolumn Technologies & Separation Media Session
Room: Oxford 16
15.25   Introduction by the session chair
Gerard Rozing (ROZING.COM Consulting
15.30 KN4 - Impact of column diameter and flow rate on sensitivity and resolution in LC-UV and LC-MS separations
Monika Dittmann (Agilent Technologies)
16.00  OR16 - From analytical to nano flow LC-MS: high robustness and sensitivityhyp to answer complex biological questions, 
Remco Swart (Thermo Fisher)
16.20  OR17 - Benchmarking pillar array columns optimized for high peak capacities,fd
Wim De Malsche (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
16.40  Coffee Break in Asamblea and Alegria I&II
17.00  OR18 - Development of microfluidic chip technology to achieve unprecedentedfd separation performance, 
Jelle De Vos (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) YS
17.20 OR19 -High sensitivity and selectivity in analysis of drugs in plasma using hyp 4D micro-UHPLC-MS enabling enhanced sample loadability, 
Ronald de Vries (Janssen Pharma)
17.40 OR20 - 3D-print of planar separation media,fd
Gertrud Morlock (Justus Liebig University)
18.00 Session close
19.00 Conference Dinner
Restaurant Gaudi