Plenary Session
Room: Sorbonne 2
Chair: Maarten Honing (DSM Resolve)
8.30 PL3 - Microfluidics in biotherapeutic development: enhancing throughput and allowing for heightened characterization
Nathan Lacher (Pfizer)
9.15 Session Close
  Oral Session
  Metabolomics & Biomarker Analysis Session
Room: Sorbonne 4
9.25 Introduction  by the session chair
Oleg Mayboroda (Leiden University Medical Center)
9.30 KN2 - Robust CE-MS methods for metabolomics: achieving greater throughput, lower costs and better data comparability
Philip Britz-McKibbin (McMaster University)
10.00 OR6 - Metabolic profiling of biomass-limited samples from a mouse modelapp of polycystic kidney disease by sheathless CE-MS, 
Elena Sánchez-López (University of Alcala) YS
10.20 OR7 - Anion chromatography coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry: fd a powerful tool for targeted and non-targeted metabolomics
Michaela Schwaiger (University of Vienna) YS
10.40  Coffee Break in Room Asamblea and Alegria I&II
11.00  OR8 - Analytics in microbiome: investigating quorum sensing peptides,app
Nathan Debunne (DruQuaR)
11.20 OR9 - Metabolomics approach towards understanding rare cardiovascularhyp diseases,
Renata Wawrzyniak (Medical University of Gdansk) YS
11.40 OR10 - Using metabolomics approach to investigate biochemical appmechanisms involved in ultra-weak photon emission
Rosilene Rossetto Burgos (Leiden University) YS
12.00 Session close
12.15 Science Café Lunch
Room: Sorbonne 2
Presented by Sciex
13.15 Science Café close
13.30 Poster Pitches
Room: Sorbonne 2
Chair: Peter Schoenmakers (University of Amsterdam)
14.00 Poster Session 1
Room: Asamblea and Alegria I&II
15.15 Poster Session close 
  Glycomics & Protein Analysis Session
Room: Sorbonne 4
15.25  Introduction by the session chair, 
Herbert Lindner (Innsbruck University
15.30  KN5 - Characterizing glycan and glycopeptide isomers derived from biological systems by LC-MS/MS
Yehia Mechref (Texas Tech University)
16.00 OR21 - Glycan analysis by temperature gradient capillary electrophoresis. appSome like it hot, 
Andras Guttman (University of Debrecen)
16.20 OR22 - Sialic acid derivatization strategies for MALDI-TOF-MS profiling fdof glycans and glycopeptides in complex samples and tissues
Noortje de Haan (Leiden University Medical Center) YS
16.40  Coffee Break in Room Asamblea and Alegria I&II
17.00 OR23 - Analysis of proteins, protein complexes, and proteomes using sheathlessapp CZE-MS under native conditions
Alexander Ivanov (Northeastern University)
17.20 OR24 - Glycosylation analysis of prostate specific antigen – towards improvedapp diagnosis of prostate cancer
Guinevere Kammeijer (Leiden University Medical Center) YS
17.40 OR25 - Characterization of Isomeric Glycans In Pancreatic Diseases by GRIL appand ZIC-HILIC-MS combined with Exoglycosidase Digestion
Estela Gimenez (University of Barcelona)
18.00 Session close
19.00 Conference Dinner
Restaurant Gaudi