Plenary Session
Room: Sorbonne 2
chair: James Landers (University of Virginia)
8.30  Presentation of the Arnold O. Beckman Award
Jeff Chapman (Sciex)
8.45 PL4 - Lecture of Beckman Medal awardee
9.15 Session Close
  Oral Session
  Multidimensional Separations & Lipidomics Session
Room: Sorbonne 2
9.25 Introduction  by the session chair
Michael Lämmerhofer (Tübingen University)
9.30 KN7 - Microscale online comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatograph – some second thoughts on speed, efficiency and selectivity
Thorsten Teutenberg (Institute of Energy- and Environmental Technology, Duisburg)
10.00  OR28 - Towards high-throughput & high-resolution comprehensive 2D HPLC fdanalysis of intact proteins: a parallel 2nd-D column approach,
Shaorong Liu (University of Oklahoma).
10:20  OR29 - Online 2DLC meets top-down MS: WCX/a×m/RPLC UVPD-HRMS hypanalysis of histone isoforms, a method with a long name and many forms,
Andrea Gargano (Center for Analytical Sciences Amsterdam) YS
10.40  Coffee Break in Asamblea and Alegria I&II
11.00 OR30 - Hyphenating IC and CE: The Development of a comprehensive system hypand its application to arsenic speciation analysis
Andrea Beutner (University of Regensburg) YS
11.20  OR31 - A laminar flow interface for efficient coupling of CE to hypcapillary array electrophoresis for multidimensional separations
John Chin (Concordia University)
11.40 OR32 - A novel structure elucidation strategy of bacterial Lipid-A hypapplying HPLC-MS/MS for future vaccine adjuvant bioanalysis
Agnes Dörnyei (University of Pécs)
12.00 Session close
12.15 Science Café Lunch
Room: Sorbonne 2
Presented by Agilent Technologies
13.15 Science Café close
13.30 Poster Pitches
Room: Sorbonne 2
Chair: Peter Schoenmakers (University of Amsterdam)
14.00  Poster Session 2 
Room: Asamblea and Alegria I&II
15.15 Poster Session close 
  Advanced Detection Strategies Session
Room: Sorbonne 2
15.25  Introduction by the session chair,
Christopher Birch (University of Virginia)
15.30  KN9 - Nanoscale measurements of vesicle content in solution, in cells, and in varicosities, 
Andrew Ewing (Chalmers University & University of Gothenburg)
16.00 OR38 - Analysis of polyvinyl alcohol microbubbles appwith different detectors,
Leila Josefsson (KTH - Royal institute of Technology) YS
16.20 OR39 - Development of multi-parametric surface plasmon resonanceapp for living cell sensing, 
Teemu Suutari (University of Helsinki/Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) YS
16.40 Session close
17.00 - 21.00 All-Participants Excursion to Keukenhof Holland park & dinner at Arendshoeve