Plenary Session
Room: Sorbonne 2
Chair: James Landers (University of Virginia)
8.30 Presentation of the Arnold O. Beckman Award
Jeff Chapman, (Sciex)
8.45 PL4 - Lecture of Beckman Medal awardee
9.15 Session Close
  Oral Session
  Young Scientists Session
Room: Sorbonne 4
9.25 Introduction  by the session chair
Rob Haselberg (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
9.30 KN8 - Pushing the boundaries of lipid research (and your own boundaries),
Jurre Kamphorst (University of Glasgow) YS
10.00 OR33 - Development of an ion chromatographic microfluidic chip platform integrating fdseparation, suppression, and detection
Sam Wouters (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) YS
10:20 OR34 - Novel CZE method for the quantification of intact adenovirus appparticles – QbD method development and implementation
Ewoud van Tricht (Janssen Vaccins and Prevention) YS
10.40 Coffee Break in Room Asamblea and Alegria I&II
11.00 OR35 - Longitudinal plasma metabolic changes associated appwith cortical spreading depression in a transgenic mouse model of migraine
Isabelle Kohler (Leiden University) YS
11.20 OR36 - Glucose Unit calculation for CE analysis without the use of the fdmaltooligosaccharide ladder, 
Gabor Jarvas (University of Pannonia) YS
11.40 OR37 - A CE-based Method for the analysis of hIAPP oligomers involved fdin Type 2 Diabetes and the screening of aggregation inhibitors
Corentin Berardet (Institut Galien Paris Sud) YS
12.00 Session close
12.15 Science Café Lunch
Room: Sorbonne 2
 Presented by Agilent Technologies
  Science Café close
13.30 Poster Pitches
Room: Sorbonne 2
Chair: Peter Schoenmakers (University of Amsterdam)
14.00  Poster Session 2 
Room: Asamblea and Alegria I&II
15.15 Poster Session close 
  Forensic Analysis Session
Room: Sorbonne 4
15.25 Introduction by the session chair,
Marina Taveres (University of Sao Paolo)
15.30 KN10 - The potential and challenges of rapid chemical and toxicological analysis in forensic science, 
Arian van Asten (Netherlands Forensic Institute/University of Amsterdam)
16.00 OR40 - CZE automated fraction collection for the analysisfd of sexual assault evidence,
Sarah Lum (University of Notre Dame) YS
16.20 OR41 - Separation of organophosphate nerve agents fdby CE and microchip CE,
Xi Cao (Tyndall National Institute) YS
16.40 Session close
17.00 - 21.00 All-Participants Excursion to Keukenhof Holland park & dinner at Arendshoeve.