Plenary Session
Room: Sorbonne 2
chair: Michael Ramsey (University of North Carolina)
8.30 PL5 - A mass spectrometry view into diverse aspects of glycobiology
Albert Heck (Utrecht University)
9.15 Session Close
  Oral Session 
  Sample Preparation Session
Room: Sorbonne 4
9.25 Introduction  by the session chair
Julie Schappler  (Geneva University)
9.30 KN12 - Microextraction through supported liquid membranes - Tuning the extraction chemistry for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications
Stig Pedersen-Bjergaard (University of Oslo)
10.00 OR47 - Microsampling and micropreparation of biological fluids appfor sensitive quantitation of estetrol by LC-(Chip)-MS/MS
Marianne Fillet (University of Liège)
10.20 OR48 - From hours to minutes: fast and sensitive profilingapp of the human tissues and biofluids
Irena Dapic (University of Amsterdam) YS
10.40  Coffee Break in Asamblea and Alegria I&II
11.00  OR49 - Novel capillary isoelectric focusing device hypincreases the depth of proteomics analysis
Roman Zubarev (Karolinska Instutet)
11.20 OR50 - Electroextraction coupled to CE-MS: hypa new tool for metabolomic profiling of biomass-limited samples
Amar Oedit (Leiden University) YS
11.40 OR51 - Automated enzyme microreactor fabrication in a CE instrument appfor proteomics applications
Karen Waldron (University of Montreal)
12.00 Session close
12.15 Science Café Lunch
Room: Sorbonne 2
Presented by Isogen Life Science
13.15 Science Cafê close 
  Affinity & Bioactivity Analytics Session
Room: Sorbonne 4 
13.25 Introduction by the session chair,
Jeroen Kool (Vrije University Amsterdam)
13.30 KN14 - Simultaneous analysis of enzyme structure and activity by kinetic CE-MS,
Maxim Berezovski (University of Ottawa)
14.00 OR56 - Playing the ACE card for ligand binding assays,app
Herman Wätzig (University of Braunschweig)
14.20 OR57 - Fraction collection of full GC separations in 384-well plateshyp with parallel MS detection for bioactivity screening,
Willem Jonker (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) YS
14.40 Coffee Break in Asamblea and Alegria I&II
15.05 OR58 - Getting more with less: Improving sensitivity and reducingapp sample consumption with micro-LC/MS assays in bioanalysis,
Eric van Beelen (Waters)
15.25 OR59 - Quantitative profiling of endocannabinoids and hyprelated N-acylethanolamines in human CSF using nano LC-MS/MS,
Vasudev Kantae (Leiden University) YS
15.45  Session close
  Closing Plenary Session
Room: Sorbonne 2
Govert Somsen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) and Rawi Ramautar (Leiden University)
16.00 PL6 - Microfabricated technologies for accomplishing liquid phase separations and mass spectrometry
Michael Ramsey (University of North Carolina)
16.45 Presentation of the Best Poster Awards,
Monika Dittmann (Chair Poster Jury)
16.55 Presentation of the Young Scientist Award,
Philip Britz-McKibbin (Chair Young Scientist Jury)
17.00 Invitation to MSB 2018, Sao Paulo, Brazil,
Marina Tavares (Chair)
17.05 Closing Ceremony 
17.10 Farewell Reception
Gaudi Room