P01 Affinity capillary electrophoresis to assess the binding affinity of cholera toxin inhibitors Oier Aizpurua Olaizola Utrecht University
P02 A novel concept of chemiluminescence detection using nano-liter droplet microfluidics for a micro-HPLC system Haider A.J. Al Lawati Sultan Qaboos University
P03 Separation of synthetic Peptides and Proteins using specially designed OT-CEC column Ashraf Ali Inha University
P04 Rapid and highly sensitive mass spectrometry by SAWN Alina Astefanei University of Amsterdam
P05 Coupling RP-UPLC with High Resolution Intact Protein Mass spectrometry for Characterization of Complex Viral Vector Vaccines Nadine Binai Janssen Vaccines via CLS
P06 The development and integration of electrode materials for the separation of DNA Christopher Birch University of Virginia
P07 CE can evaluate the anti-amyloid activity of a new multifunctional tool for Alzheimer's disease treatment Federica Bisceglia University of Pavia
P08 Towards Novel Biomarker: Insight into Amyloid ß Oligomers in Alzheimer's Disease Based on Electrochemistry and CE Dimitri Brinet Sahlgrenka Academy at Gothenburg University
P09 Persistent Organic Pollutants in human breast milk Timea Dergez University of Pécs
P10 Development and evaluation of a new parallel-electromembrane extraction device Nicolas Drouin University of Geneva
P11 Application of a new parallel-electromembrane extraction device for the extraction of endogenous polar compounds Nicolas Drouin University of Geneva
P12 Generic Instrument Control of G7100 Agilent Capillary Instrument via Instrument Control Framework Emde Ortrud Agilent Technologies
P13 Analysis of Proteins Related to Osteoporosis and CRPS Using CE, nLC, ESI-MS and MALDI-MS Åsa Emmer KTH Royal Institute of Technology
P14 Application of CE-MS for the Quantification of Mono-phosphorylated Isobaric Peptides Klaus Faserl Innsbruck Medical University
P15 Evaluation of Mesoporous Silica Layers on Radially Elongated Pillars Shunta Futagami Vrije Universiteit Brussel
P16 Metabolomics of Human Neural Cells: an Untargeted HILIC-HRMS Approach Assisted by ANOVA Multiblock OPLS Data Analysis Victor González-Ruiz University of Geneva
P17 Isoelectric Focusing - A Comparison of Different Carrier Ampholytes for Monoclonal Antibody Charge Heterogeneity Analysis Martin Greiner Agilent Technologies
P18 Comparison of three CE-ESI-MS interfaces applied to organic acids in neg mode and to digested and intact proteins in pos mode Oliver Höcker Aalen University
P19 Automated Online Monitoring & QC Glycan Profiles of Antibodies Using FabRICATOR Enzyme & Subunit Separation plus UHR-QTOF MS Patrick van Houts Bruker
P20 A Fully Automated High Precision Glucose Unit Calculation Method Based on Three Internal Standards Gabor Jarvas Horváth Csaba Memorial Institute of Bioanalytical Research
P21 An Ionic Current Detection Technique in a Microfluidic Device for Cell Deformability Measurement and Microorganism Detection Noritada Kaji Nagoya University
P22 Validated HPLC method for determination of Nevirapine in human plasma Maria Kasatkina Chemical Analyst
P23 Characterization of a poly(dimethylsiloxane) microfluidic chip containing adsorbed trypsin for rapid protein digestion Adam Kecskemeti University of Debrecen
P24 Novel CE-MS Method to Profile the Toxic Phosphoglycolipid Part of Bacterial Endotoxins Ferenc Kilár University of Pécs
P25 Characterization of Bacterial Endotoxins Directly from a Few Bacterial Colonies by MALDI-TOF MS Aniko Kilar University of Pécs
P26 Quorum Sensing in the Environment Anikó Kőnig-Péter University of Pécs
P27 CE-TOF/MS Metabolic Fingerprinting in Renal Cell Carcinoma Marta Kordalewska Medical University of Gdańsk
P28 A Nanospray Liquid Junction Interfacing for Versatile CE-MS Jana Krenkova Institute of Analytical Chemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences
P29 Long term groundwater monitoring - passive sampling of volatile pollutants and their degradation products Zdena Křesinová Institute of Environmental Studies, Charles Universtiy
P30 Characterisation of carcinoembrionic antigen site-specific glycosylation using CE-ESI-MS Valeriia Kuzyk VU Amsterdam
P31 Improved sample pre-concentration and separation by depletion zone isotachophoresis Simon Leygeber Leiden University
P32 Online bioassay based on immobilized enzyme reactor to target human nucleoside diphosphate kinase b Juliana Maria Lima University of São Paulo
P33 Papain-functionalized Gold Nanoparticles as Heterogeneous Biocatalyst for Bioanalysis and Biopharmaceuticals Analysis Siyao Liu University of Tübingen
P34 The study of intact casein as a model system for the separation of intact phosphorylated proteins by CESI-MS Stephen Lock Sciex
P35 Charge heterogeneity analysis of intact monoclonal antibodies using CESI-MS Stephen Lock Sciex
P36 Improving Identification and Quantification of Polar Herbicides by CESI-MS Stephen Lock Sciex
P37 Screening and identification of plasmin inhibitors and metalloprotease in snake venoms Morwarid Mayar VU Amsterdam
P38 Sample preconcentration using vision-controlled droplet evaporation for high-throughput LC-MS-based metabolomics Paul Miggiels Leiden University
P39 A Validated Assay to Determine Monomethyl Fumarate in Human Plasma Daria Nikitina Analytical chemist, BIOCAD
P40 Modifications of sequential injection protocol in CIEF analysis of proteins with MS detection Csilla Páger University of Pécs
P41 Application of Polar Organic Compound Integrative Sampler for Screening of Micro-pollutants Klara Petru Institute for Environmental Studies, Charles University
P42 Towards robust and sensitive doping control analysis of human growth hormone by CE-MS - an integrated approach Angela ten Pierick VU Amsterdam
P43 Development and Validation of a Quantitative Method for Measuring of Endocannabinoid and Related Compounds Viktoria Poor University of Pécs
P44 Analysis of Antibody Charge Variants by Isoelectric Chromatofocusing Coupled to Native Mass Spectrometry Susanna Pot Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
P45 Integrated determination of hydrodynamic radii in separation techniques Nicklas Poulsen University of Copenhagen
P46 High throughput lipidomics by UHPLC methods combined with a novel linear retention index system for identification purposes Francesca Rigano Chromaleont Srl
P47 Apocarotenoids determination in Habanero, by supercritical fluid chromatography-mass spectrometry Francesca Rigano Chromaleont Srl
P48 Separation Technology for a Million Peaks Liana Roca University of Amsterdam
P49 Streamline iCIEF Protein Separation and Characterization Gerard Rozing ROZING.COM Consulting
P50 An HPLC Method with Monolithic Column for Quantification of Rivaroxaban in Human Plasma Ahmet Olcay Sagirli Istanbul University
P51 Online Heart-Cutting Liquid Chromatographic Analysis of Linezolid in Human Serum Ahmet Olcay Sagirli Istanbul University
P52 Identification of N-glycans using Synthetic Standards Javier Sastre Toraño Utrecht University
P53 Study of Virus-Like Particles of Human Papillomavirus and their Interaction with Soluble Receptor Fragment in CE Anne-Catherine Servais University of Liège
P54 Development of a Novel Cellulose Acetate-Based Decoupler for Electrochemical Detection in Microchip Electrophoresis Joseph Siegel University of Kansas
P55 Analysis of Intact Monoclonal Antibodies Using Microflow LC and Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry Remco van Soest Sciex
P56 The Involvement of Microbial Degradation During the Remediation of Pharmaceuticals and VOCs by Photo-Oxidation and Aeration Kamila Šrédlová Institute for Environmental Studies, Charles University
P57 Immobilized enterokinase bioreactor: a powerful tool for the cleavage of fusion proteins Sara Tengattini University of Pavia
P58 BChE Immobilized Capillary Enzyme Reactor on flow Ion Trap-Mass Spectrometer: versatile tool assay for screening ligands Adriana Ferreira Lopes Vilela University of São Paulo
P59 Quantification of 2-hydroxypropyl-ß-cyclodextrin in human gastric and intestinal fluids by LC-MS/MS Matthias Vink Vrij Universiteit Amsterdam
P60 Development and application of microfluidic thermoplastic chips in high-performance liquid chromatography Jelle de Vos Vrije Universiteit Brussel
P61 Isomeric separation of positively labeled N-glycans by CE-ESI-MS Sander Wagt Leiden University Medical Center
P62 Evaluation of Microchip HT capillary electrophorsis assays for QC testing - a multi-site ring trial Friederike Winkhaus Roche Diagnostics GmbH
P63 Feasibility study for the application of immobilised-enzyme-reactors for degradation of various macromolecules Bert Wouters Universiteit van Amsterdam
P64 Development of a Microfluidic Platform for Ion Chromatography Integrating Separation, Suppression, and Detection Sam Wouters Vrije Universiteit Brussel
P65 Enabling metabolomics of biomass-limited samples by capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry Wei Zhang Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research - Leiden University
P66 Liquid-chromatographic nanofractionation with parallel mass spectrometry for screening of CYP450 inhibitors in mixtures Barbara Zietek Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
P67 Miniaturizing a Metabolic Platform for the Analysis of Inflammatory Mediator Levels in the Interstitial Fluid of Cell Models Adja Zoumaro-Djayoon Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research - Leiden University
P68 Understanding Aqueous SEC-MS Elution and Ionization Behavior of Biomacromolecules Iro K. Ventouri Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
P69 Deep and reproducible human proteome profiling with novel nano-flow LC technology and HRAM mass-spectrometry Remco Swart Thermo Fisher Scientific
P70 Improved sensitivity and robustness with capillary flow LC-MS targeted protein quantification Remco Swart Thermo Fisher Scientific
P71 Development of a HTS coagulation assay for assessment of heamotoxic snake venoms Kristina Still Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
P72 Challenges encountered using CE-LEDIF/ high throughput DNA sequencing for G quartet aptamer selection Francois Couderc Universite Paul Sabatier
P73 Coupling capillary electrophoresis with surface plasmon resonance for the affinity assessment of protein mixture components Elena Dominguez-Vega Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
P74 Development of a Comprehensive Lipidomics Platform Sergey Tumanov The Beatson Institute for Cancer Research
P75 Glycoproteomic Analysis of Intact Prostate Specific Antigen with CE-ESI-MS Tamás Pongrácz University of Pécs
P76 A miniaturized LC-MS/MS platform for in-depth quantitative profiling of endocannabinoids in human cerebrospinal fluid Vasudev Kantae Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research - Leiden University
P77 Real-time Label-free Monitoring of Nanoparticle Cell Uptake Teemu Suutari University of Helsinki / Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
P78 Novel CZE Method for Quantification of Intact Virus Particles in Complex Matrices - Quality by Design method development Ewoud van Tricht Janssen Vaccines and Prevention
P79 Surface Plasmon Resonance Robert Voeten Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
P80 An Ultra-Rapid DNA Analysis System with Sample-to-Answer Capability Brandon Thompson University of Virginia
P81 Deeper Proteomics using Actively Modulated Online HILIC×nRPLC-HRMS Andrea Gargano Center for Analytical Science Amsterdam
P82  Linkage-specific sialic acid derivatization for MALDI-TOF-MS profiling of IgG glycopeptides Noortje de Haan  Leiden University Medical Center
P83 Neuraminidase enzyme microreactor as a tool for screening inhibitors from compound library and Tradition Chinese Medicine   Yumei Zhao Jinan University
P84  Development of double chain phosphatidylcholine functionalized polymeric monoliths for IAM chromatography   Wang Xiangyu Jinan University
P85 On-line CE Preconcentration Methods for the Quantification of Alzheimer’s Disease Biomarkers in Cerebrospinal Fluid   Thanh Duc Mai Université Paris‐Sud
P86 High resolution N-glycan analysis by temperature gradient capillary electrophoresis   Andras Guttman University of Debrecen
P87 Fast Glycan Labeling and Analysis of N-linked glycans of Biopharmaceutical Interest  Andras Guttman  University of Debrecen
P88 Separation of Organophosphate Nerve Agents by CE and MCE   Xi Cao Tyndall National Institute
P89 Search for multiple myeloma glycobiomarkers by CE-LIF   Zsuzsanna Kovács University of Debrecen
P90 Development Of Immobilized Metal-Chelate (IMA) Monolith Incorporated Microfluidic Device For Plasma Proteomics   Ashish Khaparde CBST-Vit University
P91 Influenza Virus proteins CGE method development; the effects of the injection mode and gel buffer dilution   Lars Geurink Janssen Vaccines and Prevention
P92 Dynamic Constriction Insulator-Based Dielectrophoresis for Particle Manipulation  Daihyun Kim  Arizona State University
P93 Separation of proteoforms under native conditions at semi-preparative scale, using free-flow electrophoresis (FFE)   Michiel Akeroyd   DSM Biotechnology Center
P94 Streamlined workflow to discover antibiotics   Gertrud Morlock   Justus Liebig University Giessen
P95 Office Chromatography - do it yourself!  Gertrud Morlock   Justus Liebig University Giessen
P96 Multiple modes CE applied in proteins and peptides analysis of biological fluid and bio-pharmaceutical Feng Qu Beijing University